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 Lisa Van Valkenberg, Manager Histology Laboratory at Lurie Childrens Hospital in Chicago had this to say about   working  with Janet and Divine Metamorphosis Coaching:

 The DISC assessment gave me a better idea of how to communicate with different members of my team and how to   best utilize their strengths. It provided me a better understanding of different personalities and how to  best interact   with them.

 I enjoyed my experience working with Janet. She was very personable and knowledgeable on the different types of   personalities the DISC assessment deals with. The fact that she formerly worked in the same lab field as my staff and I   was most beneficial in that she was very aware of the challenges a laboratory environment faces both in the physical   demands of the actual work and also in working with different personalities. I appreciated her willingness to listen   offline to any issues I was facing and offer viable solutions I could implement.

 I would recommend Divine Metamorphosis Coaching to any team, organization or group that is interested in becoming   the best they can be by taking the time to learn about their employees, their communication styles, and what   motivates them. Janet’s services would be particularly valuable in a laboratory or health care setting since she has   worked in that field and knows the dynamics of it. It has been my experience that the more cohesive the team is, the   happier the team is which equals better productivity and quality as well as healthy, happy employees.

 Janet had no problem tackling difficult or skeptical questions, she is very personal and even keeled was open to   feedback.

 The DISC assessment helped with:

  1. Building trust within a team- this can be really helpful when there are new team members. It can serve as a way to     get to know one another better and understand each other on a deeper level which makes for a more cohesive team.

 2. Interacting with peers that communicate differently than you do which can lead to tension within the department.

 3. Help instill confidence when interacting with peers, managers, clients  that you might view as difficult or challenging.


A Happy Team Equals A More Productive Team

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