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The DISCovering My Career Path Report is used to analyze your Communication Preferences, Behavioral Style and Seven Dimensions of Motivations. This report is the result of your two assessments – DISC and Motivators, and together they will support you when choosing a career path.

The DISCovering My Career Path Report helps you make career decisions, by identifying your DISC Style’s observable behavior based on your needs, emotions, and seven dimensions of motivations. It also introduces you to Character Virtues to practice and develop, and gives you the opportunity to reflect on your ideal career path based on your style, motivations and interests.

This report does not tell you that you MUST choose a particular career path because you have a certain style or specific motivations. It has been designed to guide the process of you choosing your career path, through giving you options to choose from and insights about your personality and the motivations you have, so that you can make an informed decision.



DISCovering My Career Path

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